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Chlorination and De-chlorination

Chlorination and De-Chlorination

For the disinfecting and subsequent de-chlorination of potable water mains using the Re-Pro system


The projections of growing water shortages in many parts of the UK have resulted in public and Government pressure on the utility companies to substantially reduce water loss from leaking mains. Resource Chemical supplies a specifically designed unit which is easy to use and inexpensive to operate enabling the water company or its contractor to effectively chlorinate and more importantly to quantitatively de-chlorinate when repairing or rehabilitating a main.


Industry practice requires that a main, before it can enter service, is filled with chlorinated water usually to a level of 50ppm and after a designated period this chlorinated water is allowed to run away to waste. However this practice of allowing highly chlorinated water to drain away is one that the Environment Agency is prohibiting where there is any chance of a water course being polluted. The D-Chlor tablets which are principally Sodium Sulphite, when used with the Re-Pro unit, offer a reliable and proven method of removing the chlorine. The advantage of tablets over Sulphite crystals is that there is no wastage when used with the unit and the problem of "first flush de-chlorination" that can happen when using crystals is avoided.



To enable a contractor or water company to learn and understand the benefits of the system, Resource Chemical will make the units available for a period of up to 8 weeks at no charge to the customer.






Re-pro d-chlor mains treatment underway

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Re-pro system with D-chlor


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