NTA Replacer RCL-11

RCL-11 (NTA Liquid Replacer)

The alternative sequestrant to NTA


Resource Chemical are able to supply RCL-11 as a replacement for TRISODIUM–NITRILOTRIACETATE (Na3NTA)


In accordance with good stewardship, manufacturers have to implement the new classification and labelling of Na3NTA according to European commission directive 2009/2/EC and since December 2010 formulators now have to re-label downstream blends containing NTA exceeding banded parameters stated or alternatively formulate out and use another option:


Consequently Resource Chemical are pleased to offer RCL-11 in liquid form.


  •  RCL-11 - better than equivalent performance to NTA at 1:1 substitution in formulation
  •  RCL-11 also has virtually no residual odour making it perfect for professional kitchen cleaners.
  •  In the lab we have seen proven cleaning and sequestration comparable and better than NTA - without risk implication
  • The GHS / CLP risk category is only “Xi Irritant ”


In relation to multi-purpose cleaners the total number of actives present provide chemical synergy and high dilution in use. In addition stating the claim for “NTA free” product can enhance sales and be seen to replace “old” hazardous technology.


For more details please download our RCL-11 presentation PDF.


NTA Replacer RCL-11 compared to NTA

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REACH Compliance

The EU REACH Regulation was brought into UK law on 1 January 2021 and known as UK REACH


You can read the Resource Chemical REACH compliance statement using the link below.


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